Beat a BUT MAN!

There are persons who look for the bunch of reasons not to do.

They take away your energy, positive visions and crop the sprouts of the ideas.

Anyone comes up in your mind?

Do not listen what they say.

They are just complainers, not seeing your future.


Beat a BUT MAN!!

They are out there.

As well as inside of YOU.

Sometimes yourself is the biggest enemy for you.

Happiness 2


Happiness is one of Emotions, not an Object.

You can’t measure it with physical matters.


We don’t measure how angry he is based on the amount of the physical conditions.

Anger is anger.

It doesn’t matter the condition, when people get angry, they just get angry…
or not at all.


However a lot of people think happiness is conditional and try to make ourselves happy with physical matters, such as money, nice cars, properties, a lover and a family.

Do not make happiness conditional.

Happiness is happiness.

No matter what, when you are happy, you are just happy.

You don’t need anything with you.

Just do what makes you happy, and feel happiness from it.

This is the only way you can have a happy life.



Life is simple.

You always have only Two Choice.

Do or Not Do.

What makes it complicated is your mind to seek reasons for it.

Do not look for any reasons, outcome or benefit.

Just imagine how you feel when you Do or Not Do.

Is an action you take cause you negative feelings or positive feelings?

You will face to a reaction caused by an action you took.

Not doing anything is also your action.

You will get the results of “Not Do”.

Dream as you in the future!


We never loose the experiences that we have had before and will have even more in the future, which means we get wise and will have more possibilities in the future.

When you dream, should not dream as you at present because you are greater in the future than you at present.

It is unexpected how great you are in the future.

You do not need to limit your dream within yourself how you are now.

When you know there is no limit in your dream, a dream has reality and really comes to you.

Bad peoples

We all go through good time and bad time.
We take a bad attitude towards others when we are in a difficult time period and feel depressed.

If you feel someone is malicious toward you, you should be doubt about yourself.

You take it as malicious, because you are a little bit unhappy.

When you are happy and feel gratitude to everything, you will be compassionate to the one who is mentally sick and takes a bad attitude.

When you have met “Bad people”, look into yourself.
What is your mental state like?



An ideology or ethic is different in each cultures and it even changes depends on an era.

Even though killing people is not a criminal on the war.

A soldier who killed many people of hostile country will be praised.

Nowadays a war itself judges as a BAD thing, however we did not take it like that way during world war two which is only 72 years ago.


Now, how can I say others RIGHT or WRONG?

It is just my point of view in my culture.

I’m not talking about killing people, just general thing.


Before you judge people think what is the difference between you and others.



We all want to make ourselves better understanding this world, to get wise.

Getting through hardship is the way you get wiser. You cannot learn it on a text book.

Until you go through hardship by yourself never understand how it feels and how you heal to get over it.

Even though you read 100 books of philosophy, or meet so many wise men, you cannot understand what hardship like.
It is just like telling how delicious an apple is without eating an apple.

It will be given what you want.

If you want to get wise, you will suffer hardship.

Facing to hardship means you are learning something new.